Atlanta Restaurants

Atlanta Restaurants You Will Find Are Quite Unique And Pleasing To The Palate

How many restaurants have you been to in Atlanta? You are going to find some great ones just poking around, but would you like to know some good ones right off the bat? I’ve got four great picks that would make for a great dining experience. Perhaps one fits the bill, and you can input the address into your phone or GPS system. Before you know it, you will be dining at one of these Atlanta restaurants.

This first Atlanta restaurant has an interesting and unique name, Red Phone Booth. Red Phone Booth is located at 17 Andrew Young International Boulevard. Reviews say not only is the pizza delicious, but the pizza ovens are actually imported from Italy. Plus, this restaurant is also unique in that you are able to enjoy hand crafted cocktails, a fine cigar and silent movies. This hidden gem also features a secret door, which is rather neat.

South City Kitchen Midtown is a great pick, too, and you can find it at 1144 Crescent Avenue NE. Order up biscuits, pork chops, fried green tomatoes, pineapple upside down cake, shrimp and grits and so much more. If you are looking for southern cooking, this is a great spot to pick for a meal. This place is also said to serve up some delicious cocktails.

Nikolai’s Roof is located at 255 Courtland Street NE. How does a four course tasting menu sound? Evidently, the restaurant has been around for quite some time, too, because one reviewer talks about eating there 25 years ago. One of the popular items on the tasting menu is a sweet potato and coconut bisque. Dine on the 30th floor at Nikolai’s Roof.

Alma Cocina is located at 191 Peachtree Street NE. You are talking about fried avocado, tree leches cake, chicken mole, butternut squash and more. This is a special type of Mexican cuisine, one that is unique to Alma Cocina, its own personal touch. You are going to be eating some delicious food for sure.

Do these restaurants in Atlanta have your attention? Each of them is known for something very unique. Think about the one with the secret door, and then there is the one that is located on the 30th floor. You have the restaurant with the unique Mexican cuisine, and then there is the one with all kinds of delicious southern cooking. Which one of these Atlanta restaurants is it going to be?